Get to Know Mimma

Photograph by Rob Rusling

Creative Consultant, Writer, Editor, Broadcaster 

Born and raised in Lugano, Switzerland, Mimma Viglezio read Italian and English literature at Geneva University. She started her career as marketing manager for Habsburg, Feldman and then Antiquorum Swiss Auction Houses, based in Geneva.

In 1992 she was hired by Hill & Knowlton in Italy, she moved to Milan and became Head of the high profile goods division, and started advising clients such as Bulgari and Celine. After four years at Hill & Knowlton working primarily for Bulgari, the jewellers offered her the position of external relations director WW and she moved to Rome. Five years later she was named Corporate Communications Executive Director, with responsibility for overseeing external relations, advertising, media financial press and events.

In December 2003, after nine years with Bulgari, she moved to Paris to take over the role of WW communications director at Louis Vuitton, here she managed a budget of over 120 million Euros and a team of more than 40 worldwide. After only one year, she was offered a job by PPR (now Kering) in its luxury division, the Gucci Group. From June'05 she was named EVP Global Communications of the Gucci Group, based in London and reported to former CEO Robert Polet. She coordinated and controlled the activity of 8 brands and was a member of the Executive Committee.

In January 2010 she decided to pursue an independent career. She currently advises companies, boards and CEOs on a free-lance basis on matters related to organisation, strategy, product and communications. She has worked for Stefanel. ID Magazine. Nadja Swarovski, Canali S.pA, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (RSI), Giampiero Bodino High Jewellery, MACHINE A. SHOWstudio, among others. Today she mainly advises young designers and start-ups on product, business, strategy and investment opportunities. Those include Published By. E.L.V.Denim, Bianca Saunders, ART School and others.

She has hosted conferences and stage interviews for various institutions and media, further enhancing her presence as a broadcaster. She was Editor in Chief of LULA Magazine for 2 years. Editor in Chief of SHOWstudio for another 2 year and, until recently. Editor in Chief of Tomorrow London Digital content.
She is a Board Member of Tomorrow London Ltd.

She is an advisor of the Board of Modern Meadow, a biotechnological company for the creation of bio-fabricated materials. She helped the launch of ZOA, the first bio fabricated leather. She has been a Trustee of the Swarovski Foundation, and a Member of the Leadership Committee of Women for Women UK. She is now the chair of Seja's Board of Trustees

Mimma is fluent in Italian, French, English and spoken Spanish. She speaks some German and studies Mandarin. She lives and works in London.

Greatest Loves
Pet Peeves
Animals, trees, flowers
Shortbread biscuits
Anything with vanilla
Great cinema
Spring and summer
My bed
Art photography
Rothko, Louise Bourgois, Matisse, Mozart
Horse riding
Blue skies
People who don’t:
or answer emails
Bad grammar
Beachwear in the city just because it’s hot
Bikini & lift selfies
Not cancelling Will Smith just because he is Will Smith
Rich people not paying tax
Cultural Picks
Shortlisted ManBooker Prize
ManBooker Winner
New York Times International
Financial Times
The Daily by The NYT
All nominated films apart from Marvel, Harry Potter or horror films
At least 1 episode of large reality TV shows (X Factor, Great British Bake off, Love is blind, Making the Cut, etc.)
Saturday Night Live from New York
The Late Show & The Late Late Show